Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Work In Process Post 8

I'm trying to limit the things I picture in each of these posts to what is new or different for each of the animal sculptures I am doing.

In the last two days I finished the moose horns with a wash of paint and sealer, and he is ready for his fur coat.

I wrapped the deer antlers with another layer of plaster cloth yesterday, and today I did  a wrap of fiberglass tape and a coat of resin.

I did the same for the Impala, but his horns also got a wrap of wash-line rope to give his horns a ridged surface.

I put some extra resin over the rope, and will be doing a layer of plaster cloth over that tomorrow.

Most of today was spent working on the warthog.

I think of the warthog as having a squishy piggy nose, so I start it with a cut out piece of foam rubber.

I wrap this in a piece of thinner cloth, make the whole thing wet, and stain it with black India ink.

Making the fabric wet causes the ink to feather out and not be as black.

Once it dries I glue it onto the sculpture.

A warthog is not "furry" so instead of using fake fur for his skin I use a coarse wool.  When he is finished I will spend al least an hour brushing him with a hard bristle brush to bring up the little "hairs" from the wool.

I did not buy the fabric in a "fabric store."  It is in fact a woolen  blanket I bought at the local Army Surplus store.  I sure would hate to sleep under one, they are terribly scratchy.

This is the finished warthog, before brushing.

Three down, and three to go!


  1. What an incredible service. I'm glad it all worked out so well for you. I've heard of these type of freeway angels in Mexico, but I didn't know there were any in the US. Stay cool!

  2. I've never thought of warthogs as cute but you actually make them almost cute.


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