Thursday, June 23, 2011

Horatio's Drive

Just a quick note:   We just watched a delightful documentary recommended by Kim called 
Horatio's Drive.   

It was delightful and is available thru Netflix DVD or Instantly.

Puts every road trip we have ever made in perspective!


  1. Hmmm...never seen that one. Sounds like something I need to put on the list.

  2. Merikay - I'm so glad you watched it! And that you enjoyed it! Fascinating, huh? You'd think a small detail like NO gas stations would be a deal-breaker. What an adventure!


  3. Thanks, I'll check that out.

  4. I.M. thinkin' that old GPS Nilda bought at a yard sale and which are always gittin' us into some place folks ain't never goed afore, must have been the one Horatio used on his trip.

  5. Isn't that the coolest film? I love Ken Burns. We watched it back in 2008,found it at a library in New Mexico.


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