Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Window Shopping

I had second thoughts about publishing this post because I know everyone has their own preferences and feelings about their own rigs.  Every brand has pluses and minuses.  These are just my feelings about what I have looked at.

When my thoughts turned from dreaming about "Full time RV living," to  "Any time once he retires, " my ideas about what kind of RV we should be looking for has changed.
Full Time = diesel
Full Time= Class A, minimum 35' but could go longer
Full Time = 3 years or newer
Full Time = Warranties!
Full Time = Tiffin or Winnebago
Full Time = $10K repair/tire fund

Any Time = ???

I don't think we need to get a huge class A for shorter trips.  And we don't need to have as much cargo space.  I think it would be sensible to buy something smaller, easier to maneuver, and less expensive.  Something we could park on the upper drive.

There are two things I know I must have:
A walk around queen bed, and a reasonable cooking area.

Everything else is up in the air.

Any Time = Class C, or Class A
Any Time = Gas
Any Time = 29'-32'
Any Time = 3 + years (or maybe newer)
Any Time = Probably buy extended Warranty
Any Time = Open to other brands
Any Time = Good price + $10K repair fund

I've been doing a lot of browsing on the internet and making a spread sheet of what I find interesting.  I bounce back and forth between class A's and class C's.    I've been pretty busy during the day working on the six animal order, but on Wednesday I took a day off and went shopping.  The nearest RV dealers are about 25 - 35 miles from here.  There are four dealers within a few mile of each other.

My day did not start very well.  I went to the Camping World because they had an Add that said if you took some kind of survey and listened to their product presentation you would get a $25 coupon on anything in the store.  Well, since that location did not have any RV's I couldn't get the coupon!

I did see a nice outdoor rocking chair that I might want someday. In fact it was what I was going to buy if I had been able to get the coupon.

Next door to Camping World is a Used RV dealer. " See Grins."  I looked at several 29' - 31' class C's and a couple of 32' class A's but they were all pretty old and depressing.   I did like one Minnie Winnie, and one Tioga that had an entertainment system up and over instead of the bed.  I gave the sales man my name and told him to call me if a Minnie Winnie with a similiar entertainment system, or better yet just storage cabenitry came in.

They are moving to a new location next week, where they will have a larger lot.  It would have been impossible to take a test drive today the way the inventory was jammed onto the lot.  I'm not writing them off, but was totally unimpressed with the place today.

My next stop was to a dealer that had a new 2012 Georgetown 28'.  I had seen it on the internet and thought it might be interesting.  Not.  Even though it was brand new it didn't appeal to me.  Pieces of paneling were already peeling up.  I also did not like the fact that there was a raised section next to what would be my side of the bed. I need to get up several times a night and I don't want to have to crawl off the end.

There was nothing else on his lot of interet.

The third place was all light trailers so I didn't stop.

The fourth place was on my list as having a new 30W  Winnebago Vista.    It turns out this is the Winnebago Dealer for our area, and everything they had in my size range was new.  I also looked at a 32' Sightseer and at a couple of Access (What they are calling Minnie Winnies these days.)

I really like the Winnebago product line.  Everything just felt so much nicer tome than some of the other brands.  Of course except for the Georgetown, the others were used and not really clean.

I brought home some brochures for Craig to look at.  He of course was drawn to the 37' floor plan.

Sometime in the next few weeks I will be driving up to Livermore, about 40 miles from here.  There are several dealers up in that direction and a couple of brands I want to see.

Eventually Craig will go with me for some test drives.

I hope to finish the last of the animal heads by Friday, and will post another work in process then.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July.


  1. Good luck on your search. Be sure you drive whatever you like on the freeway to see how it handles. I could tell you my preference but you probably already know . Between me and Kate, you know what we'd have you in LOL!

  2. Sounds like you are on the right track!

  3. I found the same thing, they looked good on the ad, but were dirty or very worn in person. Then you walk into the right one, and it's perfect! Amazing how that happens. I always think when the time is right and you've done your research, it happens. But it is fun looking until then because you never know if the next trip you'll find it! I enjoyed that. Good luck, and have fun!

  4. We have a Winnebago and love it. We will be getting a newer 'bago as soon as we sell the house. Can't believe you are finishing up your order! Good for you.

  5. Have fun RV shopping, and its true that you will know when you find the right one that fits you.

    When the RV's I looked at were dirty, I told the salesperson, but I don't think they cared.

  6. we do exactly the same thing..look and dream and look some more..we actually like the 37 foot Georgetown..but didn't like the bedroom...there are no perfect rigs only what you can make work!..we will all find the rig of our 'dreams'!!

  7. Have fun looking....isn't it fun??
    We will begin searching for our next MH in the near future and we can't wait. Our full-time rig was a Dutch Star and we loved it but too big for what we want now.
    Take care!!

  8. I love the excitement that comes with looking for an RV. We have had a couple Class C's, a Travel Trailer & a 5th Wheel but it is the Motorhome concept that worked best for us in the end. Of all our RV's it is the Motorhome that is the most fun to drive & it is easier than many think. Our 33' length allows us to get into just about anywhere but of course whatever size you have you always think bigger is better. Sure, I would love a 40' diesel pusher but I'm sure it would be too big for a lot of the boon docking areas we love so much. I think the biggest bugaboo we & others have about our rigs is the lack of counter space in the kitchen area. If we were looking for another RV, that would be a priority & a kitchen slide out would be high on the list too. And a stand up shower instead of a dinky little tub too. Maybe bigger holding tanks & for sure a bigger hot water heater. And, pull out pantry shelves would really be nice!! I think having the toilet separate from the shower might be something else we would look at too. Lots of options, lots to look at & think about eh. But oh, the excitement of it all:))

  9. I was just talking to my husband about this the other day after reading Windows With A View latest post and her disappointments with her outings with Olivia....if at all possible I would try to find the model you thing you like and rent it for a week and just see...I know it is expensive doing it that way but might be cheaper in the long run. And make sure you are going to use it enough to warrent buying...they are expensive to just sit in the driveway...also in Az at least there are so many nice ones people are selling themself...unless buying new I would stay away from the can buy lots of gas by eliminating the middle man.

  10. We have a 37' gas motor home and I love it. But - I do wish it was shorter. There have been some really nice places I wanted to camp but we didn't fit because we're too big. I agree with others, when you find the right one you just know it because it feels right. We probably looked at 60 or 70 rigs before we walked into this one.

  11. RV shopping is one of my favorite hobbies!!!! I can keep myself entertained for hours and not spend a dime!

    Love the direction of your new search. There are some great rigs in that "category" That 30W is an excellent floor plan! Our personal favorite in this arena is our original moose - a 2008 Voyage (or Itasca Sunrise) 32H. After 2008 the 32H was available in the Adventurer/Suncruiser. At 32 feet it was nimble enough to get around easily, and with its full-wall slide it lived more like a 35 footer. It also has an extended wheel base, so it didn't have a big "back end" beyond the back wheels. Hope this helps!

    Isn't there a Winnie dealer in Morgan Hill?

    Have a great time shopping. If you have any questions, just ask.

    Thanks for the posts about your work. Quite fascinating!!!

  12. RV shopping is a blast. We still do it and we aren't looking for one. We are very happy with our 5th wheel but we love to see what is out there. Enjoy!

  13. Well, Merikay, You have totally adapted to your new dream! Parttime RVing. That will be lots of fun too and you may evolve from there to fultiming. Who knows? You don't have to know. Do ya? Anyway, sounds like you're having fun with the research and you're getting excited about taking some trips. Very good for you. I hope you have a very great fourth of July. I'm scheduled to work that day at Royal Oaks Park. I think it'll probably be pretty quiet over there. See ya.

  14. We had already had more than our share of problems with a 1988 Class A. The initial price is NOT a good indication of the OVERALL COST!

    After that, we did a lot of looking and a lot of test driving. Found out that what looks good on the sales lot may not feel so great on the freeway when trucks are going past!

    Also did a lot of research both online and with some cd's from RV Consumer Group. is their website. They have a lot of good information on all brands.

    Keep looking and you will find something that really clicks with you. We finally did, and couldn't be happier. So glad we took the time to make an intelligent choice.

  15. Merikay,

    If you want some company when you go to Livermore, give me a call, I love looking at RVs.


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