Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is shorter than we think

  • This is the second entry on my Why - Why Not page:

  • I had breast cancer at age 61.  It was small and with radiation and surgery I was assured it was completely removed.  But this experience made me really aware that life is short.  We don't have forever to do the things we dream of.  
  • NOW is the time to get the ball rolling, get the house fixed up and DO IT before it is to late!
  • Everyday counts!
To Recycle:
  • Several boxes of old magazines from the 90's that were in the attic crawl space.
I also moved several pots and pans to a hard to get at cupboard in dining room.  I will notice if I want to use any of them over the next year or so. I do use almost all of them, but I want to see if I can comfortably cook without them on a day to day basis.  I will need them at Thanksgiving, but how many of that type dinners do you make while living on the road.

The weather is fantastic today.  I had a dental appointment near were there is a weekend flea market.  I was aware it was also open on Fridays so I stopped to check it out.  They were just closing for the day.  I talked to one vendor and he said that business was terrible, no one had money, and Saturday was usually a better day.  Friday the fee is only $15, so when I'm ready to do one, I might go on a Friday just to get everything out of boxes and priced.  I'll have to get over there on a weekend soon to see how much people are charging for things.  I might do one at my house, but we live on a small road and there is very little parking.

593  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 13 days to go.  

1000 miles on the treadmill to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
2 miles today  992.5 to go

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  1. Don't forget they have lots of pot lucks at camp
    grounds and even at gatherings in the boonies, so bear that in mind before you go weaning out your pots and pans.
    And keep your crockpot, you can run it on an inverter all day when traveling! A small bungee over the lid is sometimes required. They travel well on a towel in the sink. Nice to have dinner ready when you get there.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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