Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boxes of old tax records

608 days
, or 1 year, 7 months, 28 days to go.

To Rummage sale or flea market table:
  • Two large "coffee table" books
  • unopened rolls of shelf paper
  • plastic poker chips
To Trash:
  • Half of a grocery bag filled with odds and ends from vanity drawers. (Two empty drawers now)
  • Ten pens or pencils from pencil box, plus other odds and ends. (I'm digging thru various places we keep writing instruments, and trying to get rid of ten items at a time.)
  • Old mixer I used in the studio for awhile.
To Shredder:
  • First of 22 years of tax records in front hall closet.

Inspired by a fellow blogger who scanned thirty five picture albums over a period of months before they became full-timers, I have started on the boxes of old tax records in the front hall closet. In the last few days I have removed and sent to Goodwill the old coats that were in there and now I'm going thru the papers, a few boxes at a time. I know we don't have to keep anything older than 7 years, but I am pulling the printed copies of the full forms and schedules as well as the CD disks and anything that looks like a home improvement. These will be sorted more critically later.

If I continue to do this EVERY day I will truly lighten the load!

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