Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leaky old shed

There is a disgusting, leaky old shed on our property.  It is quite large  - two stories tall - you could park a big truck in it. In fact the first owner of the property was a contractor and he used it as a workshop.  The pervious owners left lots of junk in it.  Actually they traded something to us for not clearing it out.  We paid a couple of hundred dollars to some junk men to do it, but kept some of the more interesting junk.  We of course added a few things.  Over the last 20 years the roof and walls deteriorated, and many long tailed furry critters have moved in.  Since it has been a rainy winter, everything in it is wet and yucky. Last year I had someone who was willing to empty it for $600.  Craig wanted to "look thru the stuff" first, so it never happened.

As soon as things dry out a bit, I'm calling that guy back.  He also does demolition and I'm going to get him to tear the whole place down!   What an improvement that will be!

The reason I'm writing about it is last week I went up there and opened it to see how bad it was.  Just inside the door was a dog crate that I think my son brought with his dog some years back.  Yesterday, on freecycle, someone was asking for a dog crate.  Connection made, it is GONE!

To Freecycle:   One large dog crate

To Trash: 3 glass casserole covers.  The casserole dishes are long gone!

To Flea Market table:  2 very nice sushi plates in a neat wood box.  These were a gift from my daughter.  They are nice, but if we haven't used them in several years, we probably won't.  They are heavy as well.

601 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 21 days to clear out the stuff.  

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles1 mile today, 995 to go. 
 I was interrupted by the man who came to get the dog crate and have other things to do this afternoon

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  1. Awesome goals here! Look forward to reading this more. -Gil


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