Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new goal: 1000 miles

603 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 23 days to go.

I know I do well making lists and setting small goals.  I like small steps because in a way I give myself a star every time I fulfill a small item.  I once was helped in loosing weight by keeping list of everything I ate in a day, and if I kept the goal of staying under x-many calories I would give myself a gold star!  I think it was because I got so few gold stars as a child.

So I've set another goal this week and will be adding it onto my daily lists.

I need to get into better shape if I want to enjoy the RV life.  I want to walk in the National Parks and not be afraid to go on a trail that might be a challenge.  I have a treadmill that I stopped using on a regular basis last fall. And since our  dog got sick (she is gone now) I haven't been on a good outdoor walk.   I do go to the 24 hour fitness two or three times a week and do some water exercise, but It is more relaxing than strengthening. 

So ...  My new goal is to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill over the next 603 days.  I will also be adding some good walks around our beautiful area, and soon I will be getting our bikes repaired and tuned up.  

To Trash:

  • Old stool from when we first moved in and I needed temporary bar stools for the kitchen!
  • Ten random useless things from drawers.
To Flea Market table:
  • Garden Claw
  • Unused picture frame, still in dusty wrapper!

Miles:   2 yesterday, 2 today,  996 to go!

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