Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does he understand?

596  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 16 days to go.

To Freecycle:
  • A small children's desk. (It's still upstairs, but I will list it later today)
To Goodwill:
  • Two suit coats and oner pair of pants.
I know I said I would not touch any of my husband's things, but as I have worked on my side of  closet, I couldn't help but push several of his old suits  to the front of his side.  I needed to go to the recycler today and I knew I would pass the Goodwill truck, so  I asked him if he had any desire to keep these seven old suit coats.  You would have thought I had asked him to give up his computer. (he loves his computer more than anything) He allowed me to take two.  May I note that one that he kept had dust on the shoulders.  Another has a moth hole in the pants, and the others are at least twenty years old.

Originally, this was his idea.  He says he wants to go with me.   I don't think he is really willing to do what it will take to get there.  

Perhaps I will look at rigs for one.

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
3.5 miles today,  994.5 to go

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  1. In "Man School" there was a whole day devoted to being a Pack Rat and Procrastination -- we are very good at it!

    I think he will come around once he sees the value in it.

    Ken and Nanette


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