Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He said he was teasing

595  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 15 days to go.  

Well Craig came home in a pretty good mood yesterday.  I told him I was sorry I had tried to get him to donate his suits, and he said he was just teasing me.  To go ahead and take them.

I did, and they are gone now.  Just teasing?  I know he has so often said things that have made me believe he is unwilling to get rid of anything easily. Perhaps this is the beginning for him. 

 Perhaps he read yesterday's blog.  He usually doesn't read my ramblings, (I sometimes blog on Myspace)  but I know he has checked this blog out after I got emails telling me I had comments. 

This may seem strange, but after 44 years we communicate in our own ways.  It is not always by direct discussion. We don't always understand each other.  Oh Well.

To Flea Market table:
  • Make-up box
  • Roll of jute roving  (it's on 20 years old, but totally unavailable anywhere!)
To Trash:
  • All old makeup etc. that was in box on my dresser.  This was bought for my daughters wedding (15+ years ago.)  I don't wear makeup alt all any more except for an occasional bit of lip stick.  That was in my purse.
  • A trash can full of stuff from the garage.
To Goodwill:
  • Five men's suits (Yes, the same ones my husband clung to yesterday)

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
miles today (Pool day) 994.5 to go

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  1. This husband teasing made me laugh. When I started getting rid of stuff, my husband was always accusing me of getting rid of all of his stuff and none of mine. The exact opposite was true. When I got upset with him, he said he was only teasing. It must be a guy thing. As we actually got closer to the reality of our dream, he started getting rid of his stuff all on his own. Good luck!


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