Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because We Want to:

The next addition to my WHY page,  plain and simple:


Last night we had a very nice evening.  It was a bit cold so we had what will probably be one of the last fires of the season, and as we sat together in front of it we talked a bit about the future.  My husband spoke of some of the things "WE" would do in the RV.  That we could go to his 50th. High School  reunion in Wisconsin.  I asked when that would be and he answered 2012.  So at least he is starting to say things that let me believe he wants to do it.

I am no longer going to post a list of what I put on the Flea market table or gave to Goodwill.  It seems to distress him and I have had to retrieve a  kitchen tool that has been unused, in a drawer for 30 years.  

I will continue to put something out or throw something away every day, but my list will have to be unpublished.

585  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 5 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
           2 miles today  975 to go

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  1. I hesitate to say this, but I sure hope you both want to do the fulltime thing. If not, it could be a very rocky road. :(


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