Friday, March 26, 2010

RV Experience

I find it very interesting to read about all the RV experience many of the full timers, or wannabes have had.
Some going back to childhood with their parents.  One thing this does tell me is that for some, this life is what they have wanted for a long time, and that they understand the constraints of living in a small space.

We on the other-hand have almost no RV experience.  About seven years ago we toodeled around New Zealand for 10 days in a very small vehicle.

The story goes like this.  Craig had proposed the idea of full time RV living as a retirement option.  We had never RVed and I didn't think he would like it very much.  When the plan to visit friends in New Zealand came up, I thought renting an RV after a short visit with them would "cure" him of this idea. We both loved it!  Even in a small diesel, driving on the wrong side of the road, and sleeping on a rock hard platform we had to make up from the dinette every day.

Our second experience was last spring.  We rented a 25' Cruise America and drove up to the Seattle area and back to our home just south of San Francisco.  Again we enjoyed ourselves and started to note what we might want in our own rig someday.

I had planned on another "rental" vacation this spring, but have now decided the money and time would be better spent on the house so that we could actually GO someday.

I figure, if the life isn't for us, we can always settle down again.  We won't know until we are there.

Todays log:

586  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 6 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
            3 miles today  977 to go

To Flea Market Table: Pastry cutter, place mats, napkins, birthday sign, oil bottle
To Trash:  Medium bag of stuff from dinning room drawer.

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  1. I have camped or Rv'd since in my teens. I introduced my folks to camping and they later became fulltimers in the early 80's. I guess I come by it naturally. :) However, many others discover this lifestyle much later in life. Some stay on the road, and others return to a sticks and bricks. Most never regret their time on the road. Good for you for planning to give it a try. Time will tell if it is right for you. :)


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