Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dancing Lights

I have been trying to enjoy my life as it is, where it is, and see the beauty around me now, rather than just "dream" and work towards travel in the future.  I say it to myself every day.  I live in a beautiful place.

I love the sky.
 I love light.
 I love weather and wind.

At this time of year the angle of the sunlight is lower.  The leaves are gone from many of the deciduous trees, and many are still sporting a golden cape, allowing the light to filter thru in a different way than in  summer.

Late yesterday afternoon we had a short period of the most remarkable light.

 The shadows and evergreens were dark, and where the light came thru it was glowing.

The shadows of the wind tossed branches were projected onto the side of the house in animated splendor.

 The air itself seemed to shimmer.

As the light came thru the large windows of the dining room, the shadows danced with the wind.

(Because I only hand my little point and shoot camera I was unable to capture the more subtle displays.)

So, this is the beauty I found in my own world yesterday.

 It was brief and changing, much like a sunset, but it was thrilling to behold!

What magic will I see today?

(Persimmon and artichoke recipes still to come!)


  1. My camera really helps me appreciate my surroundings. The more pictures I take, the more I see! :)

  2. I agree with Judy...the camera lens helps you see the beauty and looking for that perfect shot keeps you looking for it. Keep up the beautiful photos! We have a spot in our yard where certain times of the year the light comes through so pretty. It never fails to make me stop and look.

  3. Beautiful! I love the pictures, and the thoughts you share here. And did you know I grew up in San Jose? Still have family there, and visit every so often. Small world. Beautiful world.

    xo Kim

  4. Such pretty pictures!I think fall is most photographic, don't you? Point and shoot or thousand dollar equipment .... it's all just lovely!

  5. Thank you for your post Merikay! It seems to me that this is what our lives are "truly" all about... ...appreciating the magic in every day...whatever form it takes!

  6. great shots today, Merikay! is hard to stay focused some days..we too are in the planning stages..and are wishing time would pass more quickly!

  7. I love what the sunlight does when it comes out after everything being shadowless and without reflections for a while. It creates such a fantastic contrast to what has been. I love what you described and photographed also. Beauty is all around us all the time. We just have to pause, look, listen, smell and touch. Oh and also taste when persimmons are going to be set before us.

  8. Gorgeous pictures, I imagine it was even more stunning in 360 degrees reality.

  9. I'm working on appreciating the moment too. Good to stay in the present and enjoy the journey. Not easy to do when we want to off on our adventues as soon as possible.


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