Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He Told the Judge we are going to be fulltimers!

I'm not sure why, but I'm always a little surprised when Craig tells me he has told someone we are planning to sell the house and go off in a big RV.  But it does.

This week his boss told him he had a job for the next year, and maybe two. (He works as an independent contractor, so it is always a question that needs to be addressed at this time of the year.)  But Craig told him that we plan on selling the house sometime next fall and leave on our adventure.

 Another year of income is good, but we have so much to do on the house.

Today he had to go thru the Federal Grand Jury Selection process.  It is an 18 month commitment.  Once a week.

As with any jury selection process, more are called than needed, and many are excused for a variety of reasons.

 He was excused because he told the judge that we planned on selling our home next fall and leave the area in an RV.

Sounds to me like he is coming on board.

I walked three miles this morning, then went Christmas shopping and walked three more!  I only have a few more gifts to find.    I was pleasantly surprised by the total lack of crowds in the mall and on the town streets.  I guess it was because it was a Tuesday.  Maybe it is because the economy has slowed down, or because more people are doing their shopping online.  But things sure were empty.

I heard Yahoo laid off a bunch of people today.  How bad is that.  To loose your job just before Christmas really must suck.

On a happier note, I culled out a couple of cookbooks and tossed an old file folder before I left this morning.

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 

miles Tuesday
Total walked = 278.5 miles  Aiming for 500 miles by March 2011

Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!

Sequoia National Park


  1. If he told the Judge, it must be true! Sounds like your dreams are syncing up!

  2. I love that Craig told the judge. *hehe*

    About sad Christmas's. I don't want to dwell on it but the Pike River Mine disaster has become a whole lot worse. The owning company has put this mine in receivership and almost all are redundant with no surety of pay after next week. The worst hit are the independent contractors who are not covered by any agreement. Such a cruel blow for the families who lost loved ones, 29 men died, and now this. Westport is a little town. I can't imagine how it must feel to live in a town trying to come to terms with such grief and pain.

    Sometimes you have to wonder about all the sadness and awful stuff. I remember thinking when my father died 'Life goes on,' and somehow you pick up the pieces, enjoy rich memories and learn to live again.

    y heart goes out to all these people and I'll think on something practical we can do, (there are relief funds we can contribute to), because wallowing in the awfulness helps no-one.

    Meantime lets shine our lights in our corner of the world

  3. Great news. It sure sounds like you are going to be a fulltimer very soon!

  4. Slow and steady - the cookbooks and the walking. Wow Craig must be looking forward to the big adventure!

  5. well if he is saying it out loud he must be thinking it is going to happen!!!

  6. I remember those days when Roger would tell people we were going to be full-timers. Of course I knew he had told me that, but I really didn't believe it until he started telling friends and family. Then the ball really got rolling. Maybe your dreams aren't written in smoke anymore - maybe they are written in concrete.

  7. You'll be out here with us before you know it!

    I love the park pictures you've begun adding to your blogs.

  8. Wow! You two have really turned a corner here - sounds like he's committed to your dream. So fun for you; I'm looking forward to reading more as the "date" gets closer.

  9. To all that have made encouraging comments: We Shall See!

    He still made a small whimper when he read that I had tossed a couple of cookbooks. And wanted to buy me a BIGGER and Better bread machine for Christmas!

    He may be saying the right words, but I', not sure he means it.

  10. You know the saying, "Telling the judge that you'll be fulltiming is a sure sign that you'll be fulltiming..."

  11. Sounds to me like he is legally committed to full-timing now - LOL!!!


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