Sunday, December 26, 2010

This has got to stop!




That seems like all I have been doing for several months.  Craig and I have been having some wonderful meals together, and it seems the more willing I am to cook, the more wonderful recipes he finds for me to try.

We have also been eating more deserts and small offerings of candies like English Toffee and chocolates at night.

The other day we stopped at  the Casa De Fruita store and bought $40 worth of dried fruit, trail mix, and candy.  All for the Holidays of course!

Trays of cookies and elaborate whipped cream covered deserts have appeared on a regular schedule.

Because we are together with family this week, we have been having large breakfasts and dinners.

 This year we tried a goose for Christmas dinner and it came out fantastic!  A bit expensive, but since our daughter's Au Pair is from Denmark, we all thought it would be an interesting cultural exchange.  She has also prepared several traditional Danish Christmas dishes.  All very heavy on the cream and butter!

  Tonight we are going to a get together of our daughter's closest friends.  Families that we have known and loved for years as well. And of course there will be lots of great food.  Don't want to be rude and skip anything!

SOOO!  The New Year is going to involve some big changes for me.  Not a wishy- washy January 1, resolution to go on a diet.

Been there, done that.  Failed every time.

I have shed lots of pounds a couple of times and I know how to do it.  Eat less every day, exercise a little more, every day, and not expect huge fast results.  It also helps if I write down what I eat and set goals.

I'm not sure when I'll start.  There are still lots of goodies around, so it may not be until mid January.  But I will do it.

Another thing to work on step by step...

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Me too! I've been trying to moderate my intake, knowing a January weight-loss resolution was around the corner. DH doesn't know yet that he will be part of my resolution -- the family that diets/exercises together stays healthier. Only a few more days of festivities to go...

  2. How do you stop this time of year when all the food is so good. Enjoy!!!

  3. When I had an iPhone I had a free app to track my food and exercise. Now that I have a different phone, I joined the free site,

    Once again I can track my food and exercise. Great site. My food intake isn't all that bad, not quite enough protein and too many carbs though. I really need to work on the exercise and that's my goal for now. I need to lose 25# up from the 15# a year ago. Sigh...

    If you join My Fitness Pal, let me know and we can be friends there.

  4. Oh yeah, if I had a nickel for every pound I've lost just to gain back, I could hire a personal chef & trainer! I usually do Weight Watchers, got the whole points thing memorized. Menopause & thyroid makes it difficult, but I am willing to try try again.

  5. I had my annual physical last week.....never again will I schedule THAT this time of year! I think I broke the scale! LOL It is certainly not a good time of the year to be weighed in.

  6. tis the season!!!..for eating and being merry!!

  7. Merikay, I like your post title. It really caught my attention. And I am with you! I ate Christmas dinner all over again tonight plus two deserts. No resolution for Jan. 1 but something has got to change soon!

  8. I know exactly what you mean - but all this great food sure is nice!!

  9. I just can't pass up English Toffee! Luckily, I haven't been near any in the last five years! Be thankful you have your treadmill. Wish I had one. :)

  10. I've just sent you an email using your animal heads address.

    I am flattered you would like some of my pics.

    Not talking food right now. I've been so good until tonight. The scales will tell me how bad I've been.

  11. Greetings from rainy Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

    May God bless you and your family in 2011 ~Ron

    And always remember: Smiles don't have to be saved for a rainy day. It's good to waste them :-)


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