Monday, December 6, 2010

Front Hall Project

First off, helllo to new followers Kimopolo and Renee.  It's fascinating how the blog web spreads.

Living where I do, it is not hard to find beauty in the " here and now.

The day started out rather gloomy and gray.  It had rained about an inch overnight.  Our living room has six large windows, and although the nearest trees are about 45 feet from them, sometimes it feels like I live in a wonderful tree house.

Most of the maples have lost their leaves by now. Note the one out the window to by the lamp.  But the one out the left three windows is still hanging in there.  The sun came out for awhile this afternoon and it was just beautiful!

The wallpaper in the front hall was just "dated!"  I never did like it very much.  The chandelier is probably dated too, but we will hold off n replacing it until we are ready to list.
I figure it took me about 28 hours to strip all of the wallpaper and clean the walls in the front hall. I asked the handyman what his rates were and he said $45 per hour, or a set amount per job.  Does that mean my removal work was worth $1260?

There is still work to be done on the walls before I can paint them. There are some nail holes, a dent where the door nob hit, and some scratches and gouges from the scraper.  I think it should be textured before painting as well.

After I cleaned up the mess from removing the wallpaper I emptied the closets.  I've been sorting some of the things from them over the year, but there is still some to go thru.  I admit I put some of the things into other closets, but most when up to the dining room.  I figure since they don't belong there I will be more motivated to look thru them than if they are hidden away.

I'm going to have Craig take the doors off before I start painting so I don't mess them up.  They are pretty clean, unlike some of the others around the house.

Tomorrow I am going down to Home Depot to buy some KILZ.

One more job underway.


  1. YEAH Home Depot! My son is a photographer at Aldermans in NC where the Home Depot paper ad photographs are taken!!

    There is a really neat texture you can add with mud and a trowel, but I've never attempted it; altho it does look very easy to do! Plus there wouldn't be any sanding!!! Just a thought.... Those closets look pretty good!

  2. Merikay, You are really working hard! That wallpaper removal is no easy job. I love the look out of your windows. The feeling is of the outdoors coming in. You'll have your house sold before it's even listed if you keep showing us all that you're doing!

  3. nice view out your window...and you are right it does look like you live in a treehouse!!...the chandelier may be dated but they are coming back...can you sand it and paint it??..maybe black???..pretty and sparkly is in!!

  4. You've done some beautiful work! I'm very impressed! And I love the expanse of windows and the lovely view! Nice!

  5. You have a terrific view out your front window, it is just like being in a forest.

    Nice job on the wallpaper stripping and look at how much money you saved by doing it yourself!

  6. Wow, what a difference! Sure makes the entryway look bigger without the wallpaper!

  7. Removing that wallpaper was a good idea! What a view you have... :)

  8. Your hallway looks so much better without the wallpaper. Great job!

    When we had our house listed for sale, we were told anything brass makes the house look dated including light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. I like the idea of spray painting your chandelier either white or black depending on the rest of your fixtures. Spray paint can be your friend!

    Your views are gorgeous. I was so surprised to see colored leaves still on the trees in California. I always just assumed all the trees are palm trees. I didn't realize you have trees with color changes. We have seen some beautiful color here.

  9. What a beautiful view from your windows. That should really help to sell the house.

    The front hall looks much better without the wallpaper. It will be worth all the work once you're ready to sell.

  10. WOW! What a difference it made to pull down the wallpaper. I agree...instant face lift! (Although not so instant when you're the one having to do all the peeling and scraping!)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  11. Your entry hall is beautiful, and I'd KEEP the chandelier. I think that kind of lighting goes anywhere, dresses up the room - bedroom, bathroom, etc. I really like it there. Can't wait to see the room after you're done. Don't you feel wonderful about it? :)

    When I lived in the forest, the living part of the house was upstairs, and I had trees close in like yours. I used to call it my tree house, too. I put my desk right in front of the biggest window. Loved it!


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